Divorcification – How women are getting rich from suckers

Kim Kardashian caught some well deserved flack some time ago for her flaky for profit marriage that was exposed for the sham that it was. Marriage for profit works for Hollywood starlets with sponsored weddings but it is only a distraction on the divorce battlefield that cripples all too many men financially on a regular basis. I am about to introduce you to the world of divorcification and explain the logic behind it and how women who employ it benefit immensely.What is divorcification?

Divorcification = Diversification + Multiple Divorces.

More specifically it is a women creating multiple streams of income (alimony & child support) via divorcing multiple men. Note this is different than fornification where a woman has only the child support and state assistance in play (which is an even bigger problem by all accounts).

Divorcification applies the financial concept of diversification of income streams so all of her financial benefits are not placed in one poor suckers basket. Instead she has multiple suckers who contribute to a plush lifestyle that would otherwise be impossible. Our hypothetical blood sucker is no longer reliant on one man’s largesse but in a move that would make Markowitz and online entrepreneur’s everywhere jealous the riches keep rolling in from multiple sources.

What can you do to avoid becoming a victim of divorcification?

Don’t get married. If your just too romantic or religious to follow this advice don’t marry a women who has been previously divorced. You are setting yourself up to be the 2nd installment in her monthly revenue stream if things go wrong.

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3 Responses to Divorcification – How women are getting rich from suckers

  1. Zorro says:

    1. How many of her friends have been divorced?
    2. Has she been divorced?
    3. How many times?

    Once a woman has been schooled in the art of fucking a man in the ass, she is TOXIC WASTE AS A HUMAN BEING.

    Don’t. Get. Married.

    If you are one of the lucky 0.0000001% to marry a virgin who has no divorcees in her coterie, I bow to your superlative luck, sir!

    For the rest of us, just game the cunts and don’t get any pregnant. Western women are whores worthy of nothing more than a shot of cheap tequila and a bad joke.

    Marriage? Fuck! Are you even serious?!

  2. Jake says:

    I want to figure out a way to leverage that. Have a little lineup of these girls, always in a cycle of marriage and divorce, and keep a percentage of the proceeds.

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