Thoughts on disaster preparation post hurricane Sandy

Looking back I find it a little eery that I had disaster preparation on my mind just prior to hurricane Sandy. I have been thinking about preparing for breakdown in civilization scenarios due to the poor shape of the US government and our mounting debt crisis that will likely come to a head at some point. The nice thing about disaster planning is a lot of the preparations help out in multiple scenarios such as localized weather related disasters or other emergency situations. Having guns, ammo, food, water, a generator, fuel, some precious metals, and other basic supplies on hand is never a bad idea.

Fortunately for me, Sandy did not affect my area like it did New Jersey and New York so I was spared the ramifications of not putting my plan into action and starting to get prepared. It was a good reminder that bad things can happen at anytime and I am being foolish by thinking about getting ready but not actually doing anything to get ready. Planning for a bad weather disaster that takes down power for a week or two is actually a much more realistic scenario to plan for and feels a little less dooms dayish then preparing for the world end. After thinking it out a bit more I think the US will suffer a long steady decline instead of the flip of the switch to the dark ages that many survivalists are expecting to happen. The elite of society have too much to lose in that type of scenario and have enough strings that can be pulled to keep plodding along but make no mistake about it the standard of living for the average American is in serious decline.

A lot of different scenarios are possible so prepare as you see fit but no matter how rich or poor you are there is something you can start doing today to be more prepared when disaster strikes. My guess is most individuals that focus on disaster prep are probably middle class at the highest most other people just have too much distraction trying to maintain our everyday norm to kick start the effort.

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