Changing jobs leads to growth

It is possible to become complacent in many different areas of your life. It could be in a relationship (or lack thereof), health, fitness, or the job you work. We spend a lot of our week and lives working so it is important to challenge yourself when it comes to your career. How do you feel about the job you have now? Here are some questions to ask yourself about your current job situation.

  • Is your job aligned with your life plan and ultimate career goal?
  • Do you enjoy your job?
  • Have you reached the point of diminishing returns in your current role?
  • Does your job challenge you or is it monotonous?
  • Do you respect the people you work with?
  • Do you like the people you work with?
  • Are you performing at a top 10% level if not what is holding you back?
  • Are you networking with the right people to get ahead (or stay employed in some cases)

I have been bold about breaking out of my career comfort zone and seeking new opportunities every 3-4 years. There is nothing quite like the intense period when you start a new job and need to learn how things work, find out who the influencers are and what is important to deliver to get the job done. It can also be stressful to have to start over and prove yourself again. I suspect some people end up staying in a job past the typical shelf life for that job out of a desire for comfort and risk avoidance. Some people may do this strategically if the job they settle in fits their life plan and is enjoyable to them. But don’t make the decision to stay in a job out of fear.

I realize in some places the economy is bad and it could come across as arrogant or ungrateful to state that an otherwise good job is no longer challenging you or meeting your non financial needs. Change that mindset if you have it. I am not saying quit your job immediately without other prospects but if you are unsatisfied with your current situation make a plan and get started to build the career you want. Do not convince yourself your satisfied if you aren’t. Be bold and go after what you want do not let fear or complacency hold you back.

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