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The left wing version of not so concealed carry

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Funny F My Life Comments – MK Life coach part 1

I just recently discovered the fmylife site and love the nonsense that gets posted there. Time to play MK Life Coach and help some of these needy souls out. Today, after five long years of having been together, my boyfriend … Continue reading

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Kevin Federline a case study in douche bag alpha game

All Star alpha/douche bag Kevin Federline just welcomed his fifth child into the world and it propelled him back in the headlines again. Kevin Federline is no Alexander the Great but he deserves his own case study because he is … Continue reading

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Life lessons from the movie swingers

This post is so money and you people that have never seen Swingers won’t even know it. Swingers is my favorite late 90s comedy flick and I will always end up watching it anytime it is on. For those that … Continue reading

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Breakup Anthem

I don’t feel as angry as it sounds but it just kind of flowed out of my head. I could see either Eminem or 50 Cent singing this refrain so I’ll let them battle over the rights to the Breakup … Continue reading

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Fun with a NRA phone call

Over the last few days I kept seeing an unknown by me # ringing my phone with a name of NRA. I am a supporter of the 2nd amendment and gun rights but its not one of my core issues … Continue reading

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