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A disturbing trip to the local library

I took my kids to the local public library today so they could get some books for an upcoming book report. Usually, I relax with a book and let them hunt down the books they are looking for while keeping … Continue reading

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A patriarch protects his daughter

This. Patriarchy principles at their finest. Some see this oppression but those people are already lost so who cares what they say. It is a father’s role to protect his children and guide them to what is good. A wise … Continue reading

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Don Draper or George Bailey who would you rather be?

  Don Draper vs. George Bailey which man would you rather be? Don’t be lame and say you’d rather be you that is not the question. These fictional men portray excellent examples of the lifestyle choice between being a successful … Continue reading

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You are responsible for setting your family legacy

A great patriarch such as Joseph Kennedy can shape the destiny of his family for generations to come. Imagine what the Kennedy family and America would look like right now if statistically improbable bad fortune had not been encountered along … Continue reading

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How to deal with having a crappy father

I am usually too busy doing things to think about how my life would have been different if I was not lucky/blessed to have a great family. I am fortunate to have a great example of a father, one that … Continue reading

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How to Father like a Patriarch

          The role of a father in today’s society is in a state of extreme confusion. Children are being raised in fatherless homes or in homes where fathers are not living up to their obligations to … Continue reading

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