Browsers for private web searching

I have always used Google as my main internet search engine. It is free and finds relevant results fast so whats not to like? Privacy and anonymity for your web searches are the main reasons to consider a switch if these issues are important to you. Google provides an excellent tool and is a saavy company but I have decided my data has value and my privacy should be respected until I am offered $’s or services that I view as an equal exchange for the information I am allowing to be collected.

I have been doing some investigation and my new internet search engine of choice is Startpage The results thus far have been equivalent to results I would expect from google and the privacy policy lack of data collection is a nice upgrade if you are concerned about privacy related issues.

Other options that I considered that also meet the privacy concerns were:
Ixquick (same main company as Startpage)

When I browser I now start with Startpage and make sure I am not logged into any accounts with Google, Facebook, Yahoo or other tools that I may use from time to time. It isn’t a lot but is my own personal stand against providing too much data to entities that I do not directly benefit from financially.

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