Are men allowed to play fight with their sons anymore?

CraneKIckHow many dads really give their sons a good play fight these days? Are you training him to be a warrior or are you afraid your wife and society won’t like that? Afraid he will get hurt? Fear does not exist in this dojo. In the word’s of the tough as nails coach Kilmer from Varsity Blues “The only pain that matters is the pain you inflict”. My son is young and loves to throw down, his technique isn’t great yet but he has the warrior heart and he can take a licking and keep on ticking. Can yours? Do you even know or are you to busy trying to raise him the same way you do your daughter? Pull out the nerf dart guns and have an epic battle. Get out the nerf swords and give him a good whack trust me you’ll get yours too. An old fashion no holds bards pillow fight where he gets to mix it up and show he is a future man in the making is all it takes if your not into the other gear. Just give him a chance to mix it up and show that he has a little bit of warrior in him. Even if you and his mother want him to grow up a perfect gentleman he is going to get tested on the playground and the sports field by his peers and he is going to need to rise to the occasion. Are you preparing him?

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