Applying the 3 Walking Dead Questions to Divorcees

NextHow many walkers (zombies) have you killed?

How many people have you killed?


These are the three questions the group from The Walking Dead ask outsiders to determine if they are worthy to bring into the group. Since frivorcees like walkers from The Walking Dead have been infected with the great virus of the age it is important to ask them three questions to see if they have changed and are worth your time.

What was your n count prior to marriage?

What was the reason you got divorced?

How many post divorce miles have you already acquired?

After all you want a strong woman that is continually growing as a person and figuring out what she wants as time passes. Someone striving to improve herself over time that you can spoil and treat like the princess that she deserves.

Happy April Fool’s Day! The only thing you should do unless you are looking for a casual encounter is Oh your divorced, next…

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