Alimony is a total sham

ShamWhen society still valued marriage alimony may have made sense. When social norms and pressures kept marriages going even if one partner might want to bail. When a failed marriage was shameful to a woman and not the you go gurl badge of courage. If there was a rampant issue with men abandoning their old loyal wives for younger models then I could see the concept making sense. That is simply not the case in 95% of divorces these days. Alimony is the product of a bygone era and needs to be abolished.

Alimony makes no sense when many marriages are ended for frivolous reasons

Alimony makes no sense when women are out earning many men

Alimony makes no sense EXCEPT it is a way to further the agenda of those who wish to control men and ruin them financially even in cases where they did not want a divorce and did nothing wrong.

You might have to pay alimony but no that you are being oppressed and seek to change the paradigm. Don’t marry. And if you can’t heed this advice at least don’t marry women way below you in the financial asset department.

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