Advice for my son when he is 21

Advice for a 21 year oldA big part of why I started this blog was to provide an opportunity for others to learn without having to figure out everything the hard way. A place where men can share ideas with other men to get the most out of life. These are the lessons I plan to teach my son as he grows up so he can make the most out of his life. Knowledge that I would share with a friend if asked over a beer when he has a problem that needs some wise counsel. I read an interesting post on quora asking What is one thing you wish you had known at 21 and it got me thinking about advice I would have for my son when he reaches that milestone age. In lieu of buying him 21 shots here are my 21 nuggets of wisdom.

1. Invest the time at a young age to explore what you are passionate about and how you can turn it into a profitable career. To excel as a master in a chosen field requires an early awareness of your life purpose and years of focused practice to build mastery.

2. Seek out the most successful mentor you can find related to your desired career and aggressively pursue training from that person. This is the classical way of doing things and picking the right mentor makes the difference between average success and out of this world success.

3. Take your big career related risks early in life when you have no one depending on you and little to lose. Be willing to work for nearly nothing if you find the right mentor or situation that will fast track your path towards wealth.

4. Time invested in keeping your body physically fit by lifting weights is time well spent. The health benefits, ability to concentrate at peak levels, sense of inner confidence and extra options with women are all reasons enough to put in the time.

5. Have some unforgettable adventures while you are young and free from obligations. Custom those adventures to your interests and spending time with good friends.

6. See and experience as much of the world as you can while you are young, preferably on someone else’s dime (but not dad’s or credit cards)

7. Avoid the temptations of credit card debt. The debt factory seeks to hook you early by appealing to your sense of entitlement and wanting what you can not yet afford. Resist or it will infringe on your freedom.

8. Practice the habit of saving at least 25% of any early earnings you make so you will be able to invest it and let your money work for you at an early age.

9. Avoid settling down with a woman too early. Enjoy yourself while you are young and capitalize on your sexual market value later in life 35-40 when your status is at its peak.

10. My one caveat to #9 would be is if it was a middle school/high school first love situation. I am probably showing a bit of naivety here but the nostalgic idea of having a long lasting first love is something that would be appealing to me and there is only one shot at that. That being said I think #6 is more typical of how a modern day man should plan.

11. Learn and use the concepts of attraction triggers, game and anti game early in life so that you can reap the rewards in youth. Don’t become obsessed with game study/lingo just use the principles you can adopt to live the life you want.

12. Avoid having a kid at a young age. That means handle your own protection and don’t delegate that task to the women involved.

13. Dress with classic style and be able to look good in formal situations related to work or play.

14. Develop your skill for public speaking at a young age and continue to improve. The ability to be an effective entertaining public speaker is worth its weight in $$$ Even if you are not comfortable doing it throw yourself out there.

15. Be passionate about life and hang out with winners who are also passionate about life. The tired cliche is that you become like the people you hang around and it became a tired cliche because it is true.

16. Be slow to trust but extremely loyal to those that have earned your trust. Yes, trust has to be earned. Judge people by their actions and the history you have shared.

17. Don’t drink and drive. Live within walking distance to the hot spots or get a ride.

18.  Avoid experimenting with any drugs that are further along the food chain than marijuana. I am sure some will consider even that bad advice but I am trying to be pragmatic and recognize that if I dabbled so will he.

19. Don’t let fear make your choices for you. Seek to overcome fear if it stands in the way of accomplishing your goals

20. Don’t get too comfortable too early. Work hard early and challenge yourself a lot to get what you want. There is plenty of time to settle and get comfortable and now is not that time.

21. Be irrationally confident in all aspects of your life career, women and sport. Don’t however be an asshole there is a difference.

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