A patriarch protects his daughter

This. Patriarchy principles at their finest. Some see this oppression but those people are already lost so who cares what they say. It is a father’s role to protect his children and guide them to what is good. A wise father does not leave his daughter at the whim of her hormones to please those that care nothing for her for a temporary time until she is used up. If you see this as over controlling too bad that type of perspective is what has led our society off the moral cliff and dangerously close to a major societal reshaping. If a father does help his daughter build a strong┬ácharacter and screen out undesirable men from his young daughters life who will?

Life is full of choices and tradeoffs deciding to take one road may very well close off others that we would also like to have. If I never went to medical school I won’t be a legit doctor by the time I am 30. If bearing children is not a priority early in life that is each persons choice but choices have repercussions that must be accepted and factored in when making a decision. The myth that a woman can have her cake and eat it to is usually just that a myth.

Good fathers want the best for their daughters and want to protect them against what is ugly in society. This means speaking the truth and letting them know that even if society promotes this type of behavior it is not ok and not in their long term best interests. Our daughters need fatherly guidance and wisdom.

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