10 Warning Signs your dealing with a woman of bad character

Tips to avoid an Evil Woman

10. She lost her virginity to half the high school football team at age 14

I do not really need to elaborate on this point do I? If it was the soccer team that is even worse she should be shipped immediately to some far flung location in Europe never to be heard from again. Oh and don’t be that schmuck that thinks this recommendation does not count if she was 16.

9. She has many friends with bad character

Think about your own relationships don’t you tend to make friends with similar values that you have? If a woman your interested in has friends with bad character that means one of two things. She either has bad judgement or is excessively loyal to the wrong type of people for the wrong reasons. Either case is bad news.

8. She watches more than 2 reality shows on a regular basis

Reality shows rot the brain and are the pixie sticks of mental decay. If she watches more than 2 of these her soul is rotten and you have little hope of normalcy. If she watches the Kardashian’s or Housewives of anything round down to 1 and run. If it’s Jersey Slore your probably gonna score but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

7. She does not accept responsibility for her actions/decisions

Taking responsibility for our own actions is a big part of the transformation from child to adult. If you are dealing with a woman that fails to take responsibility and always blames her problems on others you are dealing with a woman who will soon be blaming you for her problems. In fact she probably already is to some one.

6. She has a world owes her a fairy tale life mindset

Major red flag here because it shows she has bought into the cultural lies and will be a self focused spoiled little princess. She is going to be annoying to deal with and ultra high maintenance. Make her sign a prenup if you are foolish enough to want to marry her and see what kind of reaction you get.

5. She loves to gossip and talk bad about other people

Insecure self loathing people try to make others feel smaller through gossip and character attacks. If you notice your woman engages in this behavior around her friends she is the type that is going to do this to you at some point. Gossip is for people that are not doing important things and have nothing important to offer why would you want someone like that?

4. She has a tendency to lie

Trust is paramount for a good relationship. Without it you will be on edge and wondering if you are being played. Don’t deal with someone that lies or make excuses for that behavior even if it seems to be a harmless little lie. Compulsive lying will quickly morph to blaming someone else and not accepting responsibility so you are getting an intoxicating Long Island ice tea like cocktail of warning signs when that happens.

3. She does not have strong ties to her own family

A woman who is not close to her own family will never be close to yours. Either she comes from a bad family that she has wisely separated from or she’s just a bitch and hard to get along with. If she is just estranged with her father that is even worse because you will soon experience her man hating venom in its full glory.

2. She has cheated during previous exclusive relationships.

I never understood how anyone lets themselves get seriously involved with cheaters. Extreme naivety or arrogance is the only reason I can see people think it will not happen to them. If a person has already established they are a cheater you have no one to blame but yourself when they perfect the art on you

1. She is divorced and the one that filed the paperwork. After discussing the reason for divorce you learn there was no valid reason such as affairs or abuse instead you will hear random BS such as…

  • I needed to find myself
  • I was bored
  • I wasn’t happy

Run for the hills my son and run 3X as fast if she had kids and the reasons above were listed. You are dealing with an entitled self focused spoiled wanna be princess.

Avoid the type of women highlighted above or expect to have unsympathetic friends that no longer want to grab a beer with you since your such a depressing miserable lout.

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19 Responses to 10 Warning Signs your dealing with a woman of bad character

  1. ve says:

    7. She does not accept responsibility for her actions/decisions

    Well, that pretty much rules them all out.

    • Zorro says:

      Good one.

      The cops in England (I think) compiled a list of excuses that women–not men–gave for their traffic violations. It was stunning to what lengths women will go to deny their own accountability.

      I think of a man, and then I take away reason and accountability. –Jack Nicholson, As Good As It Gets

    • Aaron says:

      The thing about this one is I actually have trouble imagining any woman outright saying about anything she’s done wrong, “OK, yeah, that was my fault.” Like I just can’t picture that in my head, unless it’s perhaps an older woman who has gone through management training or something like that. (i.e. learned to be diplomatic and reasonable.)

  2. It’s tough because we love girly girls. We like women who slut it up. I do. But the sad truth is that women who spend more on nails and shoes than anything else are by default, bad quality.

    • MTK says:

      Definitely agree with you this list was focused on an ltr vs. a short term thing where this criteria doesn’t matter as much.

    • Aaron says:

      I guess this is the equivalent of woman being attracted to very alpha guys despite their being bad news.

      • MTK says:

        I suppose so. The parallel is looks as the man’s trigger for dealing with this behavior in women vs. the emotional roller coaster/thrills of a bad boy to women.

  3. xyz says:

    very informative and eye opener,same kind women i m dealing with in my life right now……

  4. Seth says:

    I just recently stopped talking to one that was exactly 9 out of 10. 1 to 9 and crazy as hell! just glad i got out with my life.

  5. felix says:

    everythng ive read is true, i hv awife who wil neva acept any mistake, neva say sory ad wants an appoitment in order to hv sex.(u can say “i need u 2ngt” ad she is like “no way,maybe try next week on tuesday at 9 pm… ad only if im in d mood”) guyz are all women lke this?.

  6. LR says:

    On top of that, she gambles, drinks, smokes, does drugs, won’t pay child support, etc. Bad women have it worse. Same goes for her having a bad mother who man-eats, gambles, drinks, does drugs, is an abusive cunt to the father, her brother(s), etc.

  7. nicky9 says:

    THEY ARE ALL LIKE THAT.Unfortunately you as a man are not nearly as sneaky as a woman.It is biological.They have 0 impulse control,are very easy to get in bed if you know what to say to them,married ones especially.They are the ultimate con artist,you are the greatest thing to them-until something better comes along.We as males developed strength and dominance to survive,females developed manipulation to survive.This is the way humans have evolved,it is a biological evolution.
    I’m not a woman hater I have lots of woman friends and some of them agree with me.

  8. THE Women says:

    Well, aren’t all men like this too?
    10. HE lost his virginity to half the high school with some random girl.
    9.he has many friends with bad character
    8.She watches more than 5 sports shows on a regular basis, and plays viedo games way too often and invades the couch every single time they are home.
    7.he does not accept responsibility for his actions/decisions
    6.he has a peter pan syndrome
    5. 🙂
    4.he has a tendency to lie
    3.he does not have strong ties to her own family
    2.he has cheated during previous exclusive relationships.
    1.he is divorced and the one that filed the paperwork.

  9. Alyse says:

    The woman bashing! Oh my…
    just because a woman doesn’t get along with her family doesn’t mean she is bad. Examine her family maybe…… and just because she may not have a great relationship with her father doesn’t mean she hates men. Intelligence knows that not all men are her father also if she does hate men then maybe her father was not in her life to teach her better. People need to stop being so damned ignorant and get some understanding of the world we live in. Geesh

  10. mike says:

    …..divorced…with 3 or 4 kids that have DIFFERENT LAST NAMES!!!!!!

  11. karl says:

    bro i think caused it by accepting her in de 1st place

  12. Bernard says:

    The traits of bad qualities outlined above mean not that there can’t be exception déjà Alyse. In général, that’s what it is about ladies. When examples or references are given, we considère the majority!

  13. Paschal says:

    am really touched by this few signs and l must say l dont know why exactly l can not move on away from her while she is all in sing #4 and #2.
    hmm…… am dying

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